School Colors

The colors of your school aren’t necessarily the most important aspects of a school. They don’t affect how well you learn at university, they don’t reflect how good or bad a school is, and they really just aren’t the most important aspect of the college experience.

However, in this chaotic and exciting homecoming week, when school colors are way more visible on campus than normal, I can’t deny that I’m thrilled that I chose a school with probably the most appealing color combination ever: blue and silver.¬†At some schools there’s the awful, piecing color combinations of maroon and yellow or purple and orange, and then there’s CNU’s colors: Instead of looking out over clusters of horrid color clashes, we see the dashing and triumphant colors of blue and silver. For instance, when I see the marching band making their way through campus on game day, it’s nice that they seem to resemble the waves of the deep blue sea, making heroic music before our football team sets off for a battle.

Blue and silver are also very calming colors. Blue actually symbolizes calmness, intelligence, loyalty and stability. So in all actuality, it’s the ideal choice to be the focal color of a college campus. Whoever’s idea it was to make blue the official color of CNU knew what they were doing.¬†Furthermore, blue just looks great on so many people. Its a universally flattering color. Add some silver highlights and detail and you’ve got enough pizazz to show some school spirit at CNU.

Maybe it was just coincidence, but I think our colors reflect who we really are as a campus: cool, calm, and collected people who are completely fabulous.