CNU Keeps You Coming Back

Here’s the thing about CNU: It keeps you coming back. We have many proud alumni who have put much time after their graduation into making sure this university can stay wonderful and improve upon the great expectations it has set for itself. There’s even a fellowship program for students who are hired to stay an extra year and be a part of the vision of CNU. In recent years, students have been chomping at the bit at the end of every summer to come back to campus and see all the stunning new buildings that have been completed for the new school year.

However, when it comes to coming back for the couple of weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break, most people would assume there to be little enthusiasm. I mean, it is a time when completing projects and studying for exams is at the top of everyone’s list. In fact, those two weeks are the time when the academic buildings are overflowing with students decked out in the comfiest studying attire, and well-settled into a corner to read, read, read (a preferred caffeinated beverage is also included).

But CNU, as always, wants to make every experience on this campus and lovely one. First of all, nearly every building is decorated with a gorgeous Christmas tree with elaborate décor. The trees are so triumphantly spectacular, that you can’t help but go “ahhhh” as you walk into any building. Also, CNU’s many clubs also provide lovely ways to break from studying, such as selling hot chocolate and so much more!

Another wonderful Christmas event enjoyed by many CNU students during this time is going to Newport News City Center to enjoy HollyDazzle, a great holiday event with concessions, Christmas caroling, loads of people from the Newport News community and a gorgeous fireworks display to finish off the night. It really is dazzling is every meaning of the word.

And when it comes to stuff to look forward to when coming back from winter break? Well that’s easy! Having a fresh start to a new semester is probably one of the most exciting feelings a college student can have! That and finally having easy access to the Trieshmann Health and Fitness Pavilion again so you can work off all those Christmas cookies …