Dancing as a Captain

One of my favorite feelings during the week is leaving the Ferguson Center for the Arts after dance class, with the breeze cooling off my moist forehead and the spring in my step after dancing for over an hour.

What? You didn’t know we have dance classes at CNU? Well, yes, we do. I for one did not know that until I began looking at classes for my second and third semesters here at CNU. I thought I would just end up taking a jazz or tap class like I had when I was younger, but then I saw another class available: African dance.¬†Specifically, this class is called African Dance in the Diaspora, and teaches about danced religions in Cuba, Haiti and Brazil that originated from African religions centuries ago. So not only do we get to experience dancing high-energy choreography that we’ve never seen before, but we also get to learn about cultures that aren’t mentioned as much in our history textbooks.

At first I was worried that this class would just count as an elective; however, to my surprise (and satisfaction) I could actually make it count for my global and multicultural perspectives requirement for the liberal learning curriculum. I could have not have been happier, and come registration day I was sure I was locked into that class once and for all.
For those of you not necessarily interested in the area of African dance, but who still want to take a dance class at CNU, there are other options: ballet, jazz, tap and modern.

The Theater and Dance Department holds open auditions every fall for the spring dance recital, “A Delicate Balance.” This recital includes tap, jazz, ballroom, Afro-Cuban, modern and musical theater choreographies, as well as others. This year, because of the intense interest I had taken in African dance class, I decided to audition for the Afro-Cuban section ‚Ķ and was selected to be apart of the recital! I’m not a dance minor, but I’m still thrilled to be part of this experience. My major is theater-related, and any chance to be a part of performing and art means the most to me. If you feel the same way, CNU has the programs to satisfy those desires for expression and performing.