5 Things You Think About While Waiting For Your Acceptance Letter

This is the time of year where applications are in, and potential new students just have to sit and wait for their possible acceptance letter to come in the mail. With such a weird lull of time ahead, your mind starts thinking all sorts of crazy things out of anticipation. Here are a few of the thoughts we’ve all had while waiting for our letters.

“Is college really for me?”

Sometimes you start wondering if you have what it takes to go to college. The stories they tell us in high school always made us think college would be so much work. I remember being told when I went to college, I could only choose two of three things to make a priority; sleep, work or partying.

DO NOT believe that. There’s a happy medium between the three that we’ve all found somehow. And yes, college is hard, but as long as you give an honest effort you have professors and tutors who are there to help you as much as you need.

“I’m going to be in debt forever now…”

Well, you will have debt if you don’t have scholarships, but it’s not as astronomical as you think. In fact, sometimes your loans can be forgiven depending on your career track. In Virginia, if you work at an at-risk school after you graduate and get a certain kind of loan, they’ll be forgiven after a few years. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about paying for your loans until six months after you graduate, so you have time to figure things out and have a plan in motion. We’ve all felt the stress of student loans, and there are plenty of ways to deal with it, so don’t worry too much about that now.

“Maybe I should just take a year off … travel or something.”

Stop right now.

Here’s the thing about taking a year off. For some people, it’s a very positive experience that helps them discover who they are and grow as a person. However, if you plan on going to college afterwards, understand that it’s going to be a lot harder if you’ve been off for a year. You’ve been in school since you were four/five, and odds are that you’d get rusty every summer break right? Can you imagine taking a whole YEAR for a break? Students who take a year off typically have a much harder time with the university lifestyle after they’ve fallen out of routine. If your main goal is to travel, seriously consider study abroad. It may be a nice compromise for your wanderlust and educational needs.

“Why is it taking so long?”

Think about how many students apply to college, and think about how many are applying for the same ones as you are. The Office of Admission has to look through each and every application, with all of its pieces and parts, and determine if a student is both eligible and worth being accepted into that university. Talk about pressure.

If anything, be glad it’s taking so long! If not, was it really that competitive to begin with? While I hated waiting for my acceptance letter to come in, it was kind of nice knowing that out of all the other lengthy applications of amazing students all across the country, I was accepted. Plus, this means you get to relax this winter break since your letter probably won’t be coming in until after you’re back at school.

“What if I don’t get accepted anywhere?”

That’s impossible, you’ve already been accepted somewhere.

Even if by some chance of fate you do not get accepted into the colleges you applied to, or if you only applied to your dream school and got rejected, you’ve still got a backup plan. Community colleges always accept new students, and signing up is pretty easy! Not to mention, it’s a cheaper route and can sometimes score you acceptance into that dream school from before. Plus, most students get into at least one school of their choosing, and odds are you’re in that group. Relax. There are plenty of options if you don’t.

I’m sure any college student would tell a high school senior to relax and enjoy this precious time to be teenagers. Senior year is a great year, a fun year, a fulfilling year. That letter will be coming soon, and we all understand how stressful it can be to wait for it, but just hold out a little longer! It’ll be here before you know it.

Why We Love Freshmen

The holidays would not be the same without some decorations, and freshmen are notorious for having the best door decor! We love our fresh Captains, and all the spirit they bring during the winter season. Check out some of the cool door decorations they’ve done this season!


This room is hoping Santa will leave them some presents in their stockings over winter break.


Sometimes your hall theme conflicts with your decorations, but this room still has Christmas spirit up for all to see!


These students are showing the winter season a little love on their door this year.


Not only did they go all out with the wrapping paper, but they’ve got actual twinkly lights up!


This room out-decorated everyone this year! They’ve even got a friendly reindeer sitting in the hallway.

Freshmen may get a bad rep sometimes, but they have a knack for getting Christopher Newport into the holiday spirit. That’s why we love them.

Things You Didn’t Know Happen During Exams

There are a lot of rumors about college exams, and it makes them pretty intimidating! But there are other things about exam time that not everyone knows.

For instance, there’s usually a lot of free hot chocolate on campus.

Wait, what?

Free hot chocolate?

Yes! At Christopher Newport, student organizations usually try to host events involving free things to help you de-stress before finals week. The Campus Activities Board had free hot chocolate and donuts available one morning for students, and some residence halls had hot chocolate available in the lobby for people just coming in out of the cold. Universities know exam week is tough, so don’t be shocked if you find free hot chocolate, coffee or snacks being randomly offered to you if you’re on a college campus.

Also, a lot of people will be wishing you good luck.

The rest of your classmates feel the pain of studying, too. This is a good time to band together and form study groups. The pressure of exams really does drive you closer to other students, and usually you’ll get a lot of “good luck!” and support from them. Having that constant positive energy really does help you survive this trying time.

The theme meal is usually the week before exams, too.

For those of you who don’t know, theme meals are these crazy delicious meals at the dining halls that revolve around a holiday or occasion. Our Christmas theme meal usually happens right before exams, and it’s amazing. There’s candy canes, deviled eggs and…a chocolate fountain.

Sometimes a good meal is all you need to relax a little bit.

Plus, there’s music everywhere!

Christmas time has its own special place in music. For the multiple music groups on campus, this is the perfect time of the year to break out the Christmas carols and hold performances! Nothing beats a good rendition of “All I Want For Christmas” before heading to a test. It’ll put you in a good mood, and help you stay positive during this exhausting time of the college year.

Exams are what you make them.

They can be long and stressful, or they can be short and a way to show off what you know. All college kids have to deal with them, so don’t feel like you’re alone. Remember, we’re all in this together!




The Christopher Newport university fellows have taken over Instagram with their new account, @Weekinthelife_CNU. What is Weekinthelife you ask? Well, this is an opportunity for students and faculty to show prospective students, the Newport News community, and the CNU community what being a Captain is all about first hand! Students and faculty can register to “sponsor” the account for a week. This means the person chosen for the week will send in a photo and caption every day of that week showcasing what they’ve been up to on campus.


If you’ve been wondering what it is that Captains actually do at school other than go to class, go ahead and follow @Weekinthelife_CNU on Instagram! It’s by Captains, for Captains.


Panhellenic Preview 2015


A few weeks ago, Christopher Newport’s Panhellenic sororities hosted their second annual Panhellenic preview: an open house/trial run to formal recruitment in the spring.

I attended preview with a very skeptical mind, and preconceived ideas about Greek life in general that were very stereotypical. However, the idea of being in a sorority was intriguing enough that I thought I’d go to preview just to see if they could change my mind. They did.

Greeks and non-Greeks will both tell you that CNU sorority life is much different from other schools. You won’t find many stereotypical sorority girls here, which is what I discovered at preview.

At the event, we were put into groups of about 20 potential new members, and went to different rooms around the David Student Union and the Freeman Center for 20 minutes at a time. At first, we were all pretty intimidated by the chanting (you just had to be there) that was coming from the other side of the door where the sorority sisters were. When we were led into each room, the girls would grab us by the arm and lead us somewhere to talk. Being able to mingle with the girls, and really getting to know more about sorority life and sisterhood was eye-opening. The sisters of CNU’s Greek life are very committed to their philanthropies and the bonds they’ve fostered with their sisters. They’re also very honest, and sort of adorkable (adorable + dorky). It was definitely not what I thought Greeks would be like. I imaged Barbie dolls in Lily Pulitzer patterns talking about shopping and gossip, not down-to-earth girls in jeans and letters telling me about their passions and dreams.

Of course, there were a few girls who fit the sorority stereotype more than others, but seeing that mixed in with so many different backgrounds and interests was very encouraging.

The sisters did an amazing job of being personable, truthful, and all-around sweet women who left a great impression on me. If you’re contemplating joining a sorority, you should seriously consider going to Panhellenic preview next year. It’ll change your mind on a lot of things involving Greek life and give you a much better idea of what recruitment and sororities at Christopher Newport are really like.


Cool Minors You May Not Have Heard Of

Deciding your major isn’t always an easy task. With so many options available at Christopher Newport, how do you cram in all the things you want to learn while still graduating on time? Perhaps a minor is the best thing for you – but do you know what minors are available to you?

CNU happens to offer some pretty interesting minors, and here are a few you may not know a lot about:

Digital Humanities

Directors: Dr. Trevor Hoag & Dr. Anton Siochi

Credits: 18

Interested in a mix of digital art, writing and media? You’ve found the perfect minor. Digital humanities teaches students all they need to know of a career involving the digital world (which is almost every job nowadays). You get a taste of lots of different, yet similar fields all in one minor! This minor especially can be appealing for English majors who will be concentrating on writing digitally, communication majors or majors in the arts who would like to learn more about working digitally.  Click here for more info…

International Business & Culture

Director: Dr. Jana Adamitis

Credits: 18

For business majors who would like to learn more about taking their skills abroad (or working with other countries), this is the minor for you. This field explores how business works across cultures, enriching students with the ability to work with a broad array of clients and companies for their future endeavors. For people interested in a career that involves global communication, you should definitely check this minor out. Click here for more info…

Civil Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship

Directors: Dr. Roberta Rosenberg & Dr. Stephanie Bardwell

Credits: 18

Want to learn how to solve problems, and be a more active citizen? Looks like you’ve come to the right minor. This minor focuses on broadening yourself to a more global perspective, and teaches both awareness and good communication skills in how to better get involved and make a difference in society. Some focuses in this minor are environmental conservation, equal access to education and social/political justice. This minor includes classes in economics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social work, and more! Click here for more info…

Film Studies

Director: Dr. John Nichols

Credits: 15

For the movie buffs out there, get excited for this awesome minor! Film studies explores how, when and why films are created and distributed in society. As a minor you’ll explore the work put into writing films, what genres are involved in the study and the impact that movies have had on our society. This course is heavy on English and history classes, so if those interest you then you should also think about taking up this minor. Not to mention, the credit requirements are smaller than other minors. This means that if you’ve been looking for a minor but weren’t sure if you could fit it into your schedule, you may want to consider this one. Click here for more info…

Human Rights & Conflict Resolution

Director: Dr. Tina Kempin Reuter

Credits: 18

Students with a particular fondness for social work and government may want to read about this interesting minor. Human rights and conflict resolution focuses on international and local justice, and how to achieve it through positive conflict solving skills. The minor allows students to discuss and explore the nature of violence, basic human rights worldwide and the differences in policies nations may possess. Click here for more info…

Five Fun Things Happening This Month

Halloween has officially concluded, and carols are being sung on campus! Not to mention, everyone is very excited for a well-deserved Thanksgiving break to head home and rest up before finals. Before we go though, there are some really cool things happening on campus this month that you should check out!



CAB presents…Diversity University

When? Wednesday, November 11

6:30 p.m.

Where? Gaines Theatre

For those of you who need to attend a President’s Leadership Program or cultural plunge event, this may be what you’re looking for. The Campus Activity Board has another great event lined up for you this month that deals with diversity on campus. Also, grab some free stuff while you’re stopping by the CAB table on your way inside.



Theater CNU presents…”Silent Sky”

When? Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 13-15, 20-22

8 p.m. (Fri/Sat), 2 p.m. (Sun)

Where? Studio Theater

Need your theater fix fulfilled? Did you absolutely love “Noises Off”? You’re in luck, because Theater CNU brings you “Silent Sky” this month, a play about an innovative woman astronomer who was born in a time where women had little influence.



CAB presents…Chicago Boyz

When? Saturday, November 21

8 p.m.

Where? Gaines Theatre

Need your fix of acrobatics? Never fear, Chicago Boyz are here! Come see CAB’s event and get yourself some free stuff while you’re at it.



Take Note’s Aquappella

When? Friday, November 13

8 p.m.

Where? Music & Theatre Hall

Come enjoy a nautical themed a cappella invitational! Featuring groups from other colleges in Virginia, along with a performance by Christopher Newport’s own Take Note! Tickets are $2.



Panhellenic Preview

When? Saturday, November 14

10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where? Gaines Theatre

Thinking about rushing for a sorority this spring but not sure? Clear your Saturday and check out preview! You’ll get a glimpse of the recruitment process before you register, and it’s a lot of fun!

Glow Hard Or Go Home


Christopher Newport’s a cappella groups were back and better than ever this semester for the sixth annual Glow in the Darcappella!

Our six phenomenal a cappella groups took the stage in the Ferguson Center for the Arts’ Concert Hall over Homecoming Weekend. This wasn’t just any concert though, it’s done completely under BLACK LIGHTS! All over campus, students were rushing to get their tickets before the event sold out (which it did). People were even posting selfies of themselves on Instagram in “Glow Attire” to have a chance at winning two front-row tickets to the show.


Trebled Youth performing a rendition of “Hallelujah” by Panic! At The Disco.



The guys of the all-male group, Expansion, telling us that we “earned it.”


The event featured three songs from each group (The Newport Pearls, Trebled Youth, University Sounds, Expansion, Extreme Measures and Take Note), and a killer beat-box battle between three of the groups – not to mention there was a pre-show featuring Hypnotic Control, our choreographed hip-hop dance group. It was unforgettable, and you can watch the aca-mazing performance online!


All of the a cappella groups come together for one final round of applause.


7 Quirky Things CNU Students Do

Every university has things that make it special, unique, and quirky. Christopher Newport is no exception. Here are a few things that CNU students do that make us different from other Virginia college students:

1) We pretend that the Secret Garden is actually a secret, when it’s not.

In Christopher Newport’s amazing performing arts center, the Ferguson Center for the Arts, one will find a strangely placed garden in between practice rooms and offices. Originally an abandoned courtyard, one of TheaterCNU‘s own professors decided to take the time to restore the courtyard and transform it into a getaway for students and faculty. The garden has been dubbed the “Secret Garden” by students, because of its odd location and mystical feel. However, this getaway is no secret at all, and its completely visible from the glass door you use to walk in. In all honesty, its pretty cool to say you have a secret garden on campus!

2) His name is P-Tribs, not Paul Trible.

President Paul Trible is loved on campus, so much that we’ve given him the nickname P-Tribs. It’s even on his license plate! While some people may think that calling a former U.S. senator by such a nickname is weird, he loves it, too! President Trible isn’t an ordinary president. In fact, he’s probably met every single student at Christopher Newport University at least once. During freshman year, students in the President’s Leadership Program are invited to his home (which is gorgeous, fun fact) to enjoy desserts and sometimes get a selfie with him and Rosemary (his wife). Love you #P-Tribs!

3) Tight-Ropers and Hammockers, oh my!

Hammocking has definitely become a huge fad on college campuses everywhere, but CNU’s taken it a step further. Now, we have tight-rope walkers! You may be on your way back from class and notice a weird string hanging from one tree to another and wonder what it is. Well, it’s a tight rope! Next time you’re on campus and it’s a warm day, take a look around to see what kind of activities Captains are doing outside. It’s definitely worth being on your Snapstory.

4) DO NOT step on the circle outside of Santoro.

If you intend on graduating on time, stay away from the decorative circle in the pavement right outside Santoro Hall, one of the residence halls. The myth goes that if you step in the circle, you won’t graduate on time. Whether it’s graduating early or late, no one knows – but do you really want to take the chance? Avoid at all costs!

5) We play music in the Whisper Wall.

CNU is always growing, and creating new traditions. One of the newest additions to campus is the Bell Tower Plaza, featuring the bell tower and a semi-circular seating area that features the names of honored CNU faculty and staff in the walls. Students have nicknamed this the Whisper Wall because of the way it conducts acoustics, and it’s a very popular location for the musicians in the CNU community. The semi-enclosed space allows for great sound production, and its also a sweet place for a photo-op!

6) Einstein’s milkshakes for days … even in 30-degree weather.

Einstein’s Cafe is located in the Paul and Rosemary Trible Library, another outstanding piece of architecture that sits on CNU’s campus. Einstein’s serves Starbucks drinks, but also features other food items and drinks. Its milkshakes, by far, are the most praised item on their menu. Just because it’s snowing outside does not mean someone isn’t in the Library sipping on a chocolate milkshake. It’s an obsession, and we’d probably riot if they discontinued them at Einstein’s.

7) Let me hold that door open for you, all the time.

Sometimes we’re called a community of door holders, and for good reason. No matter how far you are from the door, odds are someone will be holding it open for you. CNU students earn an A in politeness on campus, and usually that habit follows them once they’ve graduated!

For these reasons and more, CNU is a unique setting to spend four years learning! Our campus is filled with traditions and strong sense of community (and a love of hammocking while sipping on something sweet from Einstein’s).