WCNU Radio

The other day, I was scrolling through Instagram, wasting time as usual, when something interesting caught my eye. On someone’s story, I saw an application for WCNU Radio’s executive board. The student radio station is a relatively new organization to our campus that was defunct for several years. Thankfully, a handful of proactive students resurrected it this semester to some great results. The organization has done a great job of re-establishing itself and becoming a vibrant part of our community, so I knew I wanted to apply.

I sent in my application and also began doing some research on the organization. A couple of things that really excited me was the weekly program that they do with Currents, Christopher Newport’s literary arts magazine. They also put on a “masquerave” which really intrigued me. Since the organization is newly reborn, there is plenty of opportunity for ingenuity and creativity. I just finished my interview for a position on e-board and loved speaking to the current and former president about our goals and vision for the organization; there was a great flow of ideas.

I’m hopeful I’ll get a position on the team, but, if not, I’m definitely going to have a great time checking out the programs and events during next year. They are very open to new shows and so it’s easy to submit an application to be featured in their weekly programming. Definitely excited to see this organization grow on our campus and I hope to be a part of it!

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