Psi U Formal

This weekend, my brothers and I in Psi Upsilon headed down to North Carolina with our respective dates for our annual formal. This is the time of year when alumni and current brothers meet at a hotel on the beach and enjoy a night together, reminiscing on old memories and creating new ones as well.

If you’ve never heard of a fraternity formal before, they tend to go like this: arrive on the beach, check in to the hotel, dinner/dancing, some sort of awards and then you party the night away before driving back in the morning. It’s kind of like prom, except about a hundred times more fun. My date and I arrived on the beach around 1 p.m., and a lot of my brothers were already there so we quickly joined the crowd. One of my blogs from the other week was about how I designed an inside joke shirt for my fraternity, well we all wore them to formal which made for a great picture together.

From there, we had a great time relaxing on the beach and then headed to dinner where senior superlatives and other awards were presented with lots of laughter and bonding. We actually had to cut it a bit short because the restaurant owner said we were being too loud. Rowdiness aside, it was an absolutely amazing formal. Last year, I was a new member, as such I didn’t know many of the alumni. This time around, I knew everyone that came so it was a very special experience to see all of the brothers together again. Formal is something I look forward to every year and I don’t think that’ll ever change!

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