March Madness

I am definitely not a big basketball guy, but I think that changed this month for March Madness. My friends are all gigantic fans of basketball and they spent the whole month in my living room watching games on and off. I caught quite a few of the games with them and I was never once disappointed.

As I said, I have never watched too much basketball before, but it is a fairly easy game to pick up. It’s also extremely fast paced so it always keeps your attention. (I had no idea how common buzzer beaters were.) I mostly rooted for the Virginia schools when possible, but when they weren’t an option I’d just side with one of my friends and pick whichever team I felt like would do better. I think my favorite moment was during the Lipscomb/NC State game, two schools nobody was a fan of, but my friends and I decided to join the Lipscomb hype train anyway. We watched them score a two-pointer with 1.7 seconds left and we absolutely lost our minds, cheering and shouting even though we had no idea who Lipscomb was.

Moments like those are my favorite and that game will definitely be something I’ll always remember from my college days. It has been a difficult month as we ramp up toward finals at Christopher Newport, but watching basketball these past few weeks has kept all of our spirits up. No matter what was going on, we always found time to sit around the TV together and watch whatever game(s) were scheduled for the day. Maybe next year I’ll make a bracket!

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