Free Photoshoot!

The blog next year is going through some changes, which we’re all very excited about! One of the smaller changes that I can let you in on a little early is that the staff will all have pictures of us on our blogger profiles. (Maybe if you come to Christopher Newport, you’ll recognize us on campus one day!) We all received an email asking to schedule a photoshoot with one of Christopher Newport’s professional photographers. I was definitely looking forward to my shoot, and it ended up being a lot more fun than I expected.

I was expecting to take a quick photo and head our separate ways, but we actually ended up taking upwards of 40 or so! The gentleman I had the pleasure of working with was a Christopher Newport alum himself, so he knew all the great places and angles to check out around my chosen location (Christopher Newport Hall). He informed me that there was no rush and we could take as much time as I wanted because, essentially, it was a “free photoshoot!” We were able to have a good, friendly conversation about our shared experience at Christopher Newport in the time we were taking photos as well. All in all, I had a great time working with him.

There’s always a bunch of unexpected benefits for being a student at Christopher Newport. There are plenty of job opportunities, before and after graduation. And we all have so much fun along the way. I love working for the blog and it’s definitely something I’m going to miss over the summer. Though, I’m happy to say I’ll be back next year – I can’t wait!

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