Free Fitness Week

Physical and mental health are incredibly important to maintain, especially when I’m learning to become more independent and responsible for my daily schedule. Personally, I find time spent at the gym to be rejuvenating and rely heavily on physical activity to ensure a good night’s rest. Regardless of how hectic my schedule can become I always find time to visit the gym, or explore the Noland Trail for some fun.

Luckily the hours at the Freeman Center are incredibly broad and I have no issues squeezing in some activity between work or classes. During the week I tend to visit the gym at night after I finish my tasks for the day. Sometimes if I feel nervous about a test I’ll wake up early before my classes and go do some relaxing yoga, or go for a quick jog to help clear my head. On the weekends I like to hike along the Noland Trail or visit Huntington Beach for a long walk and a great place to continue studying.

My favorite event at the gym is the free fitness week, which usually occurs once or twice a semester. The university offers free classes, ranging from yoga, zumba and kickboxing during the weeks leading up to midterms or finals. I love attending these classes with my friends after long days of preparation to get a chance to socialize and simultaneously knock out my workout for the day.

No matter the tactic, exploring avenues that aid with supporting a healthy lifestyle should be sought after. I’ve realized over time that it is only when we are mentally and physically stable that we can have the energy to tackle the day. I’m so grateful to have a campus that encourages events as a community to release stress and find great friends to journey together.

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