Course Registration (From Italy)

Living in Italy everything seems to move at a slower pace than back at home. There’s great time spent appreciating gourmet food, studying the latest fashions and, unfortunately, fiddling with the WiFi server so your laptop can finally connect. Having temperamental WiFi really added to the stress surrounding registration for classes, not to mention keeping track of the major time zone difference from CNU. Just when I thought I’d be doomed for my registration day, I received an email from the registrar’s office that diminished all fears.

When students study abroad they undergo the registration process exactly how they would if they were at CNU. For instance, I still had to contact my core adviser and gain her approval for the list of courses I preferenced. Once she verified that my desired classes for this upcoming fall kept me on the path to graduation, she granted me access to sign up for courses when it was the appropriate time. Everyone has a specific time slot they are allowed to select their future classes. If my internet connection became faulty during my allotted period there would’ve been a chance that I could’ve missed my window of opportunity.

Relief instantly spread when the registrar offered to complete the online course registration for me. All I had to do was respond to their email with my favorite classes with some back-ups and provide my login materials for them to access my account. Students have multiple periods where they can add or drop their classes, in case the class they hoped for suddenly became free or they changed their mind about a subject. I would be able to tweak my schedule later in the future, but in the meantime the registrar will take care of the initial registration during my designated time slot.

I’m so excited for this upcoming fall semester and feel stress free thanks to the registrar’s assistance. I can continue enjoying my stay here in Italy and for the time being adopt the relaxed appreciation for the present which seems to resonate with every Italian.

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