Checking Things Off, One by One

With the semester drawing to a close, one by one, my schedule clears up a little bit more. Today, I finished the last day of classes and I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief. (Only one more week of exams and then I’m a junior!) I also finished my last public performance for the semester with the Director’s Showcase. In addition, I attended my last CAB meeting and Psi Upsilon chapter for the semester. (I haven’t written my last blog yet, but that’s coming up quickly on the horizon!) It’s a tiny bit melancholy as the year wraps up, but it’s also good to get things off my plate.

Finishing the Director’s Showcase was a big one, I had spent so much time rehearsing this week with rehearsals scheduled from 6-10 p.m. on top of all my classes and other commitments. Though, finally I can be left to just focus on studying for my five finals. Yes, finals can definitely be stressful, but I actually like how they come and go very quickly. There’s no time to procrastinate. You take an exam about each day for five days, but then, it’s all over and you can relax as much as you like.

Pretty soon it’ll be summer and I cannot express how excited I am to just sit around my house watching “Game of Thrones” all day (there’s a lot I have to catch up on). Tonight, my friends and I are all gathered around the TV, watching the Tom Hanks classic: “Cast Away.” I’ll definitely miss moments like these over summer, but we’ll all be back soon enough. For now, there’s still a couple of things left to check off the list, so I better get to it!

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