Beta Gamma Sigma Initiation

It was just last year that I was sitting in my Organizational Behavior class, taking notes on Dr. McMahon’s presentation, when I heard a loud ringing down the hallway. The ringing sounded like it was coming from a cowbell. In fact, it was the sound of a cowbell! In comes Abby Brooks, the faculty adviser for Beta Gamma Sigma, and a few other adults dressed in blue and gold robes, interrupting our class for an important announcement. That announcement was for me! That afternoon I was tapped and invited into the Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society at Christopher Newport. What an honor!

A few short months later was my initiation ceremony into the prestigious honor society. I was sitting in a room with a of my few peers anxiously awaiting for my name to be called. At that ceremony, I shook hands with Dr. George Ebbs, the dean of the Luter School of Business, and recieved my honorary lapel pin, graduation stole, and a certificate signifying my acceptance into the honor society. To make the day even more special, my mom, dad and sister came to celebrate my achievements with me.

This year, it was vastly different to be on the other side of the initiation ceremony. Now as the VP of membership and public relations for the Christopher Newport chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, I became the smiling face that welcomed and congratulated all new members into the society. It was an amazing experience to be one of the few individuals applauding the new members, just as the previous elected officials did for me during my ceremony. Being a part of such a special and intimate celebration in honor of my amazingly talented peers, many of which I am close friends with, was as special for the new Beta Gamma Sigma members as it was for me.

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