Best Dance Crew

Here at Christopher Newport, there is no shortage of competitive spirit. It is what motivates all of us Captains to try our best every day and what drives us to achieve great things. I have seen this competitive spirit not only in the classroom and on the field, but also in various other activities as well. One of my favorite competitions on campus is the sisters of Gamma Phi Beta’s annual Best Dance Crew, where Captains prove they know how to boogie.

Best Dance Crew gives the opportunity for sororities and fraternities on campus to choreograph a dance routine and perform it in front of a large audience. Each team has to make their song mashup and outfits/props correspond to a theme of their choosing. For example, this past year the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi danced to all Beyonce songs and Alpha Phi brought in balloons to set the scene for a birthday celebration party.

Coming from someone who dances, it is really neat to see all of the well thought out choreography and routines all of the organizations create. Some are cheerful, fun routines while some are more robotic or hard rock. Having a large mix of dance styles really makes the event all that more entertaining to see what each group has to offer.

One of the greatest parts about Best Dance Crew is that the purpose of the competition is not only to see which sorority or fraternity dances the best, but to see which team can raise the most amount of money by the end of the night. The week prior to Best Dance Crew, all competing teams campaign to see who can receive the most donations. All of the donations and the ticket sales profits go to Gamma Phi Beta’s philanthropy, Girls on the Run and the Gamma Phi Beta Foundation. Girls on the Run is a great organization to teach young girls how to embrace confidence and inspire them to live a joyful, healthy life. I love seeing all my fellow Captains battle it out at Best Dance Crew each year to see who can raise the most amount of money for a wonderful organization.

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