A Relay for the Community

I can fully say that, after attending Relay for Life for the third year in a row, I felt the impact this year more than ever before. As the relay leadership team stood on the stage and asked for caregivers and survivors to begin their initial kickoff lap for the night, I realized how many students are affected on campus. I felt humbled with the strength and courage many of them had to take this walk. I saw friends, coworkers, sorority sisters and strangers bare their experience in front of hundreds of Christopher Newport students and the local community and be completely supported by attendees.

This event had so many incredible activities to offer. From the walk itself, to the spikeball setups, booths with free candy and beads, and dance floor. I never felt bored or unwelcome, nor did I feel that the purpose of the evening was lost at any point. Many student organizations participate and fundraise and I saw so many sororities, clubs, fraternities and organizations passing out symbolic beads, showing welcoming smiles, and supplying snacks!

I attend this event every year. I have never participated in its planning, although I love to attend and fundraise leading up to the event. Each year I am reminded of the experiences that each cancer survivor, family member or friend undergoes in their journey with cancer. I am so grateful to attend a school that supports such an incredible event on our campus.

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