Why So Close to Home?

There are many reasons why I chose Christopher Newport to be my home-away home. The small class sizes, well-educated professors, gorgeous campus, meaningful education and the friendliness of the student body are all factors that continue to draw me to this institution. Another benefit is a close proximity to my home in Virginia Beach, an asset that some but not all can appreciate.

I am a family-oriented person and have always enjoyed the time set aside to spend with my parents, my sister and my cat. When I was touring colleges three years ago, I was looking for a campus close to home so that if I am ever feeling homesick, my family can come grab lunch with me or I can drive home for the weekend. Here, I get exactly what I have always wanted in a college. I have the great education, the wonderful friends and the perfect distance from my family where I feel as if I am an independent adult living on my own, but still close enough to home that I can pop by when needed. For me, Christopher Newport is the ideal location for college.

It’s funny to me that so many Captains are from Northern Virginia and prefer to be farther away from home. But that is what is great about college! You have the choice to find the college that best suits your desires and expectations. There are pros and cons for every university, and everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions about the factors they consider to be desirable. Christopher Newport meets all my expectations for what I want to get out of my college experience and have never felt otherwise. In my opinion, being close to home has been a blessing and really makes Christopher Newport that much more important and comfortable for me.

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