Volleyball Dreams

My favorite activities incorporate ways to remain active while having fun. On campus I stay fit by visiting the gym a couple times a week and going for hikes on the Noland Trail during the weekend, but lately I’ve missed the camaraderie felt when belonging to a team. Nostalgia has led me to consider playing volleyball in an intramural setting with some of my closest friends.

The only major obstacle to this is that I’ve never actually played volleyball in a serious setting before. In high school, I used to play volleyball in gym class and during the summers it would be our beach time tradition. My hesitation was therefore understandable when my close friend asked me to join her intramural team for next year.

Looking more closely at the intramural teams on campus I realized that the competition level is subjective. Some teams are composed of highly experienced individuals who are looking to craft their skills, whereas other teams are more concerned about the amount of fun the experience is granting them. At the end of the day, everyone is competing to win the intramural champion T-shirt, but the real value comes from the memories and laughter you make throughout the process.

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