Unconventional Study Spots

Christopher Newport is an awesome place, and all of our buildings are so pretty and conducive to learning. I have spent my fair share of time studying in the library like everyone else, but sometimes I like doing my homework outside, or at least in a new environment. Here is a list of some of my favorite places on campus to do homework, other than the library, my room or a classroom.

Christopher Newport Hall Fountain

There is a little open-air fountain area behind Christopher Newport Hall, and it is one of my favorite places to sit to do homework or read when it’s warm outside. There are some rocking chairs and it is a really peaceful place on campus, and the noise of the fountain is so calming.

Pope Chapel

When I came to this university, I was hesitant to go to the Pope Chapel because I am not religious. However, through my involvement in the University Chorale, I have grown to love the Pope Chapel, and it is an awesome place to relax. I especially appreciate how inclusive it is.

Great Lawn

Whenever it’s warmer than about 50 degrees on our campus, just about everyone is on the Great Lawn studying, napping, sunbathing, playing frisbee and most importantly playing with doggos. Sometimes I avoid the Great Lawn when I need to be productive because there’s a lot of fun albeit distracting things going on out there.

Ferguson Center “secret garden”

I absolutely love the “secret garden.” Although, it’s not really a secret; it’s just a little bit of a walk. In the Ferguson Center, there is a little open-air space that we students have labeled the “secret garden,” and it is literally the most serene place on campus. I definitely recommend going there at least once during your time at Christopher Newport.  

The dining halls

Yeah, that’s right. I study in the dining halls sometimes. Unlimited food is a great incentive to study, what can I say?

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