The Newest Addition to CAB

The other day, I heard back regarding my CAB (Campus Activities Board) application. I’m very excited to say that I was accepted into the organization! I’ve been put on the leisure committee, which was my first choice.

The leisure committee is typically in charge of the weekly CAB events. These can include things like bingo, movie nights, build-a-bear and plenty more. We have our first meeting coming up and I’m sure we’ll go over new ideas for the semester.  I’ve already got a couple brewing, possibly food related (after all, who doesn’t love free food). Whatever rough ideas we throw out there, it’ll be a very engaging process as we bring them to life for the Christopher Newport community. Our first event will be after spring break, so we all have time to collect our thoughts and come prepared with concrete plans, as well as vague outlines for what we might be interested in tackling this semester!

CAB is great training for a professional setting wherein lots of different ideas flow and are pursued. I’ve been a member of lots of different organizations (sports teams, writing staffs, service and recreational clubs, etc.), but I’m particularly excited for how CAB will prepare me for the future. I know that the practical and creative skills that I’ll walk away with from this opportunity will serve me for the rest of my life. I first was interested in joining simply because of how fun the events were, so I wanted to be a part of creating them for other people. Now, I also see the gears that are constantly turning and all the work that goes into each event. This is definitely going to be a time commitment, but that’s exactly what I wanted so I can be more involved on campus!

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