St. Patrick’s Day at CNU

Our school colors might be blue and white, but they definitely weren’t over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was repping green. Even the food was green for the theme meal in the dining halls! Honestly, I’ve never done anything special in the past to celebrate the holiday, but this year my friends were especially excited about it so I knew we’d be coming up with something to do.

My weekend started out with one of my friends bringing a dozen donuts to my apartment, all of which were dyed green. As quickly as they appeared, they were eaten up. Even though the theme meal was on Friday, people were dressed in green all weekend. Everytime I made a trip to the dining hall, it may as well have been the theme meal again because it was a sea of green (myself included). The rest of my Saturday was spent with friends. We played video games, experimented with some Irish music, and laughed a whole lot.

There’s never any shortage of spirit on Christopher Newport’s campus. Our community is always so eager to join the new craze and share in a collective movement of some kind. St. Patrick’s Day might be a bit of a trivial example of that, but I think it perfectly encapsulates how enthusiastic we can get. We do pride ourselves on our academic excellence as Captains, but we also love to have fun.

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