Roommate Mixer

The goal of the Residence Hall Association is to help all of Captains who live on campus have a better residence life experience. Many first-year students panic around this time because the person who they thought they would room with next year either turns out to not be the best fit for them, maybe they grow apart, or for any number of reasons just decide that it’s best for them to not room together next year. Cue RHA.

Every year, we host a roommate mixer event, where we invite anyone on campus who doesn’t have a clear indication of who they will live with for the next year to come mingle with other people who need roommates and just make connections. We let upperclassmen mingle with each other and lead their own conversations, but for first-year students, we are a bit more hands-on. For them, it’s more like speed dating, and after they have introduced themselves to everyone, they get to mingle and chat for a while.

My roommate went to the roommate mixer and found a new group of friends, and I’m really happy for him. We are still great friends and this year rooming with him has been pretty enjoyable. The only reason I suggested that he go is that I am (most likely) going to be a resident assistant next year, which means that I will get a room to myself, so he needs someone to room with. It’s cool to see how the RHA events that I participate in benefit my friends and help them make even more friends! Next stop for RHA is our s’mores event coming up soon!

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