Our Farmers Market

My favorite day of the week, without a doubt, is Thursday. Not only does it bring me one step closer to the weekend, but Thursdays during spring and fall at Christopher Newport are for the farmers market! Around midday I can always expect to see a trail of vendors begin to make their way through our campus and prepare for the fun that is bound to commence.

Firstly, the music has to be my favorite part of the entire experience. Each week a series of our students are able to showcase their talents and serenade everyone while they browse around the market. Usually I’ll attend with a group of my friends and we’ll just sit and listen to live music while we socialize. It’s really awesome if you need some relaxing time, but also a fun way to study outside with some great tunes.

Along with the fresh air, aromas from the delicious food vendors make for a wonderful afternoon. Whether it’s freshly baked cupcakes, homemade chips or a decadent grilled cheese, there’s always good food to satisfy a mid-afternoon craving. In the warmer months, I always keep an eye out for the Pelican’s SnoBalls station; my favorite flavors of ice are cherry and blue rasberry. I also spend my time looking for beautiful handcrafted gifts while I’m at the market. Just last year I bought a gorgeous hand-painted canvas for one of my friend’s birthdays.

Visiting each week never gets dull because I find something new to love about the whole experience. Regardless of my busy schedule I always make time to visit the market because I enjoy the way it brings the community together. Thursdays will forever remind me of laughter, good food and good friends.

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