My First and Last Signing Day

At Christopher Newport, traditions are a big deal on our campus and it’s why we’re so close as a community. What may sound like silly ideas (like ringing a bell or keeping a penny) are actually incredibly meaningful to us Captains. In that vein, signing day is a tradition where sophomore formally sign for their major and it’s a very special experience.

Freshmen cannot officially declare their major at Christopher Newport – you have to wait until your sophomore year. This is so you can take time to explore the different programs on our campus and discover what you truly like and dislike. If you’re impatient like me, it might be difficult! Though, I can personally attest that it’s for the best. Originally, I came to Christopher Newport to be a communication major and nothing else. This was a difficult decision for me because I always wanted to study something in the entertainment field, but I told myself I should be “practical.” Well, after taking a few theater introductory courses I realized that it’d be a huge mistake to not pursue this passion. So, at signing day, I declared a double major for both communication and theater (directing and dramatic literature concentration).

At signing day, we all dress in professional attire and literally sign for our major(s) at the designated booths for each department. There are refreshments provided and plenty of room to mingle and take pictures with your friends. Each department also gives a commemorative button for you to pin on your backpack or clothes and it’s another memento that students hold dear for their entire time at Christopher Newport. Now that the Class of 2021 has officially chosen their majors, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Phew!

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