My Favorite Places on Campus

At many other colleges, it’s typical for students to move off campus after their freshman year. Christopher Newport, with some exceptions, requires us to remain on campus for the first three years. To some, this might sound like an issue, but you should definitely check out my other blog about housing before you jump to any conclusions. (Spoiler: The on-campus apartments are amazing.) I feel like the benefits of living on campus for three years definitely outweigh the issues because it brings our community closer together and garners a greater sense of appreciation for the wonderful school we have chosen.

Captains love to hang out in the library, but don’t judge us just yet. (Please come visit and see how beautiful our newly renovated library is. You’ll want to spend all day in there too.) For a small school, our library is huge with tons of study space including desks, tables, computers, as well as individual and group study rooms. I’ve never once walked into the library and not seen anyone I know. Often times, I head into the library and start studying with a friend of mine who is working somewhere, even though we didn’t plan to! The exact same can be said of the dining halls. Sometimes, I go in and grab a to-go box, but I quickly run into a friend. So, I put my box away and instead sit down to have a meal. The Christopher Newport community is no joke; we really are as close as we say.

Of course, sometimes I’m not always up to be a social butterfly. So, I’ll relax outside in the Ferguson garden, or take a walk through campus and admire all of the architecture. After all, just because we’re a small campus doesn’t mean you don’t have your individual space. It’s good to have a balance, and that’s what Christopher Newport offers.

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