How’s Housing?

Freshman housing is a rite of passage. Being doubled with a roommate and having suitemates is something almost every Christopher Newport student has done. Some rooms, such as in Potomac River North, have a large common room to connect the suites while others are more traditional and are just connected by a bathroom. Your housing is what makes Christopher Newport your new home. It can take some time to adjust, but the memories you’ll create during your first year with your roommates are priceless and will be a highlight of your college career. Our freshmen dorms alone are ranked as some of the best in Virginia and the nation, but if you’d rather live in a single – don’t fret.

Upperclassmen housing at Christopher Newport is absolutely phenomenal. Typically, only seniors live off campus and, even then, many elect to stay on campus anyway because of how comfortable and spacious the apartments are. On East Campus, each apartment-style dorm has either two, three, or four single bedrooms connected by a common room and kitchen, as well as a personal bathroom in each bedroom. (Some even have walk-in closets!) The housing lottery was today and my friends and I all received apartments on East which we are extremely excited about. Personally, I’ll be living with one of my close friends in a two-person suite in Jefferson. I mean, what more could you ask for in a place?

There’s always something new to look forward to with each year at Christopher Newport. I’ve loved every single one of my housing situations thus far – from Potomac River North, to the Greek house and now East Campus, it’s so easy to be able to call this campus my home. Of course, we’re all here to learn and that comes first, but having a home to come back to at night as opposed to just a room makes it so much easier to enjoy our time at Christopher Newport.

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