First CAB Meeting

I feel like I write about CAB (Campus Activities Board) more than anything else, but that’s because I’m just so excited about being a part of it. The other day, I met with the other members of the leisure committee for our first official meeting and it went over very well! This organization is so dynamic and engaging; seeing the gears turn from the inside was incredibly fascinating.

We began by introducing ourselves and playing an ice breaker, but quickly thereafter we got down to business. Our committee head gave us the rundown on the typical goings-on of the leisure committee, what our responsibilities are and how we’ll function moving forward. After all the introductory things were through, we started brainstorming ideas. Being that it was the first meeting, everyone was teeming with creativity and ideas for the coming year. We definitely want to bring back bingo and build-a-bear (two of my favorites), but there was also a lot of talk of new events. These included flower pot painting, petting zoos and off campus events. A larger objective we had was to ensure that each event truly is an event as opposed to a thing people just stop by at for 30 minutes. We think we can accomplish that goal through adding more decoration, music and better our engagement with those who attend.

I’m so excited to be a part of this organization. So much effort and thought goes into each CAB function and, now that I’m on the inside, I can finally understand exactly how hard everyone works. Every club, group and organization at Christopher Newport cares so much about the student body and the more I get involved, the more I discover the passion my fellow Captains and I share.

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