Advising Time!

It’s advising time! That means it’s time for underclassmen to meet with their core advisers and make a strategy for their classes next semester. Meanwhile, upperclassmen get to meet with their major advisers to figure out the best track to go on to graduate on time. I was just assigned to my major advisers and they are really nice people who have helped me figure out what I’m doing with my next two years.

In your first year and a half at Christopher Newport, your core adviser is not necessarily going to be a professor who teaches a subject that you are interested in, but rather is concerned with helping you figure out how to navigate your first year and successfully complete your liberal learning requirements and transition into your major.

When you declare your major in the middle of your second year, you get assigned a major adviser, who is a professor in your major who can help guide you through the major requirements and help you with anything you may need in relation to your area of study, maybe grad school or even just general life advice.

Since I am a double major in Spanish and communication, I have two major advisers, and they are both awesome. They both were really helpful to me in preparing me for my next two years and assuring me that I will graduate on time, and figuring out the rest of my four-year plan. I’m really glad that we get the opportunity to work with professors and build such great relationships with them, and I’m super pumped now that I have a clear idea of where I am heading for the rest of my college career!

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