What to Do When There’s Nothing to Do

Christopher Newport never seems to have any shortage of things to do. There are always events posted and advertised in the David Student Union (DSU) and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) does a great job of ensuring that there’s something going on every week. Though, with that said, sometimes there just aren’t any events that grab your interest. However, even then, there’s always something to do at Christopher Newport.

Take a Walk: You notice it as soon as you step foot on campus – we have a beautiful campus. Walking along the Great Lawn, you have an incredible view of Christopher Newport Hall and just to your left you can check out the Whisper Wall and the Bell Tower. Every walk I take on campus, I discover something new I love. The path from the James River residence hall toward Commons looks absolutely beautiful littered in autumn leaves right now, something I never noticed a year ago.

Crow’s Nest: Located in the DSU, this is an area designated for students to hang out and relax. There are game systems, a pool table, vending machines and plenty of seating. Usually, it’s not too crowded, so it’s a great place to gather your friends and have a fun evening at no cost. Every once in awhile my friends and I take a visit and play a few rounds of pool, even though I always lose!

Library: With our newly renovated library, there is never any shortage of space to grab a room, table or seat and study. All the time, I’ll receive a text in a group chat that one of my friends has reserved a study room and he or she will invite us to come join them and hit the books. If you can’t find anything to do, you’re always welcome in the library. Oh, and the architecture is stunning as well, so that’s a plus, too.

There are endless options on our wonderful campus. I love that, no matter what, I can always text a friend to do something and have a great time for no charge.

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