Waiting for a CAB

After some passive coaxing from a friend of mine, I was convinced to apply for the Campus Activities Board or “CAB.” Honestly, it’s one of the most dynamic and innovative organizations on campus, so it didn’t take much to convince me. Last week, I submitted my online application, but today I went in for the group interview portion of the process.

CAB is an organization at Christopher Newport that hosts weekly, fun events for the student body. These include bingo, movie, and board game nights as well as larger events such as comedians, musical guests, mentalists, and even full scale festivals.

This morning, I woke up and was feeling a little sick. I wasn’t too excited to roll out of bed, but I did so anyway because this was an opportunity I definitely could not pass up. I got dressed in business casual and headed to Forbes for the group interview. In groups of four, we were brought to different rooms where we were interviewed by the different committee heads and e-board officials regarding why we want to join and what we can bring to the table. My nerves very quickly dissipated as I realized the relaxed, conversational atmosphere the interviews took place in. I feel as though I was able to make a great impression, primarily because I could be myself and speak candidly to the CAB officials.

My goal this year was to get more involved on campus and I am hopeful that becoming a member of CAB will aid me immensely in that pursuit. Let’s hope I hear back soon!

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