Picture-Perfect Contest

Every year the study abroad office holds an international photo contest, allowing the memories and interactions from adventures abroad to come to life. This contest is open to any student, faculty or staff member who has journeyed abroad recently… which means I can finally partake in submitting my favorite photos! Regardless, before I had always enjoyed looking at the photos that were shared by everyone because they truly captured moments of a lifetime.

I’ve seen amazing photos, from people playing music with children in Germany to students exploring a medieval castle in Scotland. There are also super-creative and sometimes abstract photos. People have done things like take photos of the amazing people they meet while abroad, or find beautiful angles of the architecture surrounding them. This category is my favorite to see, simply because everyone seems to have a unique idea and perspective to share.

Once the photos are in, the voting is ready to take place. There’s a first place and a second place decided by the students on campus, but the coolest one to see is the people’s choice award. Each winner gets a small cash prize, but the main fun is seeing all of the amazing photos. The study abroad office takes the photos that are submitted to them and post them on their facebook page, and whichever photo gets the most likes, wins the people’s choice. I love that they not only get the students involved with the vote, but also ask the community to share which adventure speaks to them the most.

Every picture submitted is priceless because it captures an experience that is so special to its owner. Having this contest allows everyone to partake in witnessing the incredible experience gained. I love seeing this event and I value the tradition behind seeing each adventure displayed, hopefully inspiring the next person to take a leap of faith and journey abroad.

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