My Valentines

Valentine’s Day was only a short time ago, and you know what that means?! Yup! I’m still single! Which means I had a lot of time to make valentines for my friends in the University Chorale and the Residence Hall Association!

All jokes aside, this Valentine’s Day was pretty good, because I realized that Valentine’s Day is basically reverse Halloween. Yes, that’s right. Think about it. You go to class and the candy comes to you! It’s honestly pretty great. RHA and University Chorale both decided that we would exchange valentines, and being single with candy is better than being single without candy.

I’m a pretty corny guy, so my valentines reflected that. University Chorale is singing Mozart’s “Requiem,” so my valentines for my choir friends read “My life would be a requiem without you,” (get it? Like a wreck, but also the song) and my RHA ones read “U R Really Heckin’ Awesome” (get it? Because really heckin’ awesome starts with ‘RHA’).  Everyone liked my corny jokes so I’m happy with it. Making people smile is one of my favorite things, and this Valentine’s Day I got to make a bunch of people happy, which makes this Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

Valentine’s Day has historically been a bad day for me because I tend to be a pessimistic person (I’m working on being more optimistic, but it’s a process) and I would just be salty or sad because of my relationship status. But once you stop thinking about that and focus on what great things are around you, the darkness goes away, and everything is better. While those little valentines may not have meant the world to any of us, they really did make my day a lot better and reminded me that even on my worst days, I still have a shipful of Captains who love me.

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