My New Friends at the CCP

The Center for Career Planning is a resource I never saw myself using as a freshman in college. At the time, I knew I wanted to become a physician’s assistant so I saw no reason to go! Now, as a junior applying to graduate programs, I finally see the value and incredible opportunity that is the Center For Career Planning. While I have used them for personal statement and resume reviews, they also offers assistance from graduate school searches, organizing mock interviews, planning potential career paths and much more! While they can assist with helping you find your potential career path options, this department does so much more.

I was extremely nervous to bring my personal statement to this department and receive feedback for many reasons. However, the individual I worked with was not only competent, but also his witty humor helped immediately put me at ease. When I was rereading my personal statement with him, he asked me difficult questions regarding my motivation and “why.” He helped me see that I was hiding the real reason I feel so passionate about my career path and the health care profession when this essay is supposed to be me revealing this quality. I realized that I wasn’t pushing myself to make myself the most attractive applicant I could.

Since then, I have gone back several times and I feel so lucky to be able to use the scheduling system provided by Christopher Newport which allows me to work consistently with the same individual and establish a strong relationship with this person. I am much more receptive to constructive criticism and am able to use this system in order to work with someone I am more at ease around or even someone I am not depending on the professional guidance I am seeking.

As an only child I sought mentors and guidance as a freshman in clubs, Greek life, and in professional settings. Over time, I have found new and inventive ways to use the numerous opportunities provided for the student body on campus to secure these relationships and provide me with opportunities to help my professional development as a student.

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