Free Fitness Classes

After being told I could no longer play contact sports post-concussion in my sophomore year of college, I lost a huge part of my identity. Exercising through soccer and intramural sports were hallmarks of my college experience, and I felt completely insecure in my fitness journey from then on. While I could go to the gym and stay somewhat active, I wanted a sense of community similar to participating in a team sport.

Finally, I caved and decided to try one of the Freeman Center’s free Friday fitness classes. The first I tried was “Mindfulness and Yoga” and now that it has come back in rotation I have found myself reflecting on my fitness journey so far. I now am active in the pilates and yoga courses offered on campus and have found that sense of “team” that I thought was forever lost to me.

Being able to have classes offered around my classes has allowed me to stay active and hold myself accountable in college! I’m not scared to try new classes and doing something completely out of my comfort zone anymore. From T.A.B.S to Zumba, I am amazed by the variety of classes, times and instructors the Freeman Center has organized for our campus and can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

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