Atlantic City, Here I Come!

At Christopher Newport, there are over 200 clubs and organizations, which is a lot, considering that there are only 5,000 students here. With each organization comes new opportunities to explore interests, make new friends, and take new adventures. For me, I am a part of six different organizations on campus, all of which are vastly different. For example, I am involved in Green Team, an environmental organization, as well as Hypnotic Control, a hip-hop dance group. It is neat to be involved in many different clubs because I meet all types of people who share similar interests as me.

One of the greatest benefits of being involved in college organizations are the fun and unique opportunities presented with each. This past weekend, I traveled with my brothers in Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed business fraternity that focuses on professional development and career networking, to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Alpha Kappa Psi holds an annual leadership conference across the country and our chapter at Christopher Newport chose to travel to the conference held In Harrah’s hotel and casino in Atlantic City (solely because it was closest, not because it was at a casino).

This conference provided a wonderful opportunity to hear from Alpha Kappa Psi alumni who spoke on their experiences in the business world and gave professional advice to current Alpha Kappa Psi brothers. Not only were the sessions very enlightening, but it was interesting to have the chance to meet brothers from across the East Coast. It was also an added bonus that the weekend-long conference was held in a casino because those of age, like myself, had the chance to explore the casino and press our luck at gambling. (Luckly, my wallet only has $20 dollars less than it did before this trip) Overall, this adventure, like many other trips and experiences one can witness through any organization at Christopher Newport, was a wonderful educational experience and brought my brothers closer than we have ever been before!

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