A Beautiful Day to Be Outside

It is that time of year when Virginia weather can’t decide if we should be wearing a puffer jacket and mittens or capris and sandals. At least for the past week or so, it seems like spring has finally arrived, spreading her warmth onto the campus of Christopher Newport. It is always a joyous sight to see half of campus outside, smiling, laying their blankets down on the Great Lawn while studying with friends or just taking in the beautiful weather. While I, myself, am not a Great-Lawn-type-of-person, I cannot pass up the opportunity to spend time outside before the second wave of winter returns.

One of my favorite outdoor experiences over the past week was working on my group project. While group projects in themselves are not the most exciting activity, sitting outside made it pretty enjoyable and somehow made me more productive than usual. I noticed that my entire group was in a much more chipper mood once we sat ourselves outside. This particular group meeting was even more special for me because we didn’t just sit anywhere outside on campus, but on the new, beautiful balcony of the Trible Library.

It was my first time using the Trible Library second-floor balcony that opened this past fall as part of the recent library expansion. Although this may sound funny, something about this specific balcony is so relaxing. I am not sure if it is the classic Christopher Newport columns, the surrounding stone or the nice breeze, but I really enjoyed my time on the new balcony. I know that even when it gets warm outside, toward the end of the semester, it will still be gorgeous on that balcony because the building’s angle and height provides a blanket of shade over most of the balcony in the afternoon. I would like to encourage all current and upcoming Captains to take advantage of the beautiful weather when it occurs, especially after a cold, long winter, because it really can relax your mind.

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