Why the Career Fair Matters

For us Captains, the spring 2019 Career, Internship and Graduate School Fair is right around the corner, and I am impatiently waiting! I attended the career fair during my sophomore and junior years and had great experiences at both. What is really neat about our Career Fair is that the Center for Career Planning spends months organizing the fair to bring in companies and graduate schools from across Virginia that students are actually interested in. Here is why I highly advise all students to attend at least one Career Fair per academic year:

  1. The Center for Career Planning has a motto: you get jobs by talking to people. And this is so true! For the sake of getting a job or internship opportunity, or for being accepted into a graduate program, it is extremely important to make meaningful connections with your potential employer. When you have the opportunity to talk to representatives of a company, like at the Career Fair on campus, take it! Those representatives might put in a good word for you when it comes to reviewing your application (if you made a good impression, of course). Stand out from other applicants by expressing your interest at the Career Fair!
  1. Christopher Newport students of all years can benefit from the Career Fair. Juniors and seniors are looking to meet and hand over their resumes to companies that they may apply to for a career after graduation or for a summer internship. Freshmen and sophomores can benefit from practicing their handshakes, their elevator pitch to sell themselves to employers in 30 seconds, their professional dress and their communication skills.
  1. The bi-annual Career Fairs are very convenient for students on and off campus. There is one large career fair each semester in the David Student Union Ballroom located in the center of campus. Instead of searching for hours on Indeed, companies who are looking to hire are brought right here to Christopher Newport! And it gets better! Some companies are looking to hire immediately, so they allow for signups for actual interviews the following day on campus. There is no need to drive out to, say Fairfax, when the companies are right here ready to interview you!

I have met with wonderful companies in the past at the Career Fair and cannot wait until January 30 for the upcoming fair!

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