Starting New Classes

There’s something very special about the first day of classes. Everyone is a little on edge. Some people are excited to jump into a new set of courses and continue learning while others are a little more nervous at all the work they’ll have to do in the coming weeks. Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle.

I love starting another semester and seeing all the new faces I’ll spend the next few months learning with. Everything feels brand new again and I know it’ll take a few weeks before I really settle in to my new schedule. Though, I do cringe slightly when I think of all the many, many projects and papers that will be assigned to me over the course of the spring semester. More than anything else though, I’m happy to start fresh. I love the energy on the first day of classes, it feels like there are endless possibilities.

On the first day of classes, everyone’s a little extra giggly and prone to laughter. We all want to make friends with our new classmates so we’re extra friendly. The professor carefully goes through the syllabus while all the students pore over each and every word, asking plenty of questions. There’s also a good chance we’ll play one of those fun introductory games to get to know one another. Some people might rather just get right down to learning, but I think it’s important to also build a rapport with your peers and professor.

I’ve enjoyed all of my classes so far and all in all would call it a great first day. I know there’s a lot of work ahead, but I’m excited to continue my path at Christopher Newport!

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