My First Manuscript

At Christopher Newport, we are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research with our professors. With these experiences comes many opportunities to establish professional skills such as presenting at international conferences, gaining authorship on posters and even becoming a primary author on an article published in a scholarly journal.

Manuscript writing is no joke. With anywhere from two to three students and an additional two to three professors all collaborating, critiquing and editing not only the writing, but also the references and supporting research used in the manuscript, it can be a bit daunting to take on such a monumental task. Being able to manage your time, organize your space and being able to work alongside individuals who are experts in their fields are skills that I will be able to carry with me throughout the rest of my academic journey and into the professional world. While my journey is young I am so excited to see how this process helps me grow!

The professional skills I see myself gaining through my active participation in undergraduate research are some of the most incredible gifts Christopher Newport has given me. As a freshman, I was hopeful to even be a contributor to some form of research. Christopher Newport didn’t allow me to settle for being involved, but instead pushed me to become a leader and dive deeper into the relationships that were waiting for me.

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