Movie Night!

CAB, or the Campus Activities Board, has been a hallmark of my Christopher Newport experience ever since I was a freshman. I remember feeling such shock when I heard some of the movies they hosted, most were not being sold at the time and would typically require a drive to the local movie theater and spending $15! Thanks to their hard work, CAB is able to provide a space for Christopher Newport students to come and spend time together watching super cool films without the usual hassle.

Not only does CAB provide movie showings on campus, but they also provide gear at Christopher Newport sports events, create incredible events such as Fall Fest, organize events in the local area, and work constantly to advertise all of these events and more. If you ask any student on campus they likely know someone heavily involved with CAB. They have their own office, executive board, and numerous contributing members all working to organize fun, creative, and exciting events for us to take advantage of!

Students look forward to these free events and they are often the talk around campus! Our campus loves to come out to these events with friends and create long lasting memories with our fellow Captains and I personally can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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