Graphic Design Returns…(gulp)

It’s been a bit of a challenging week for me because I’ve had to do something I haven’t done since senior year of high school: graphic design. Back during my yearbook days, graphic design was always the bane of my existence. I would labor over the design for hours on end and never have anything that felt professional and original. Well, as the public relations chair for Psi Upsilon, one of my responsibilities is to promote ourselves.

With rush week quickly approaching, it was my job to promote our schedule and events. So, I opened up a graphic design program and began mocking up designs for each individual day of rush week as well a single graphic that showed the week as a whole. It took me about three hours and I definitely felt every minute. My housemates were calling me over to hang out, but I refused to leave my room until every graphic was finished. I made posters for such events as a video game night, football viewing party and others. When it was all said and done, I was actually extremely proud of the work I had done, as well as relieved for it be over. (Little did I know, I would be designing business cards for my fraternity a few days later.)

When I came to Christopher Newport, I never expected to do any sort of graphic design ever again. I’m always so surprised at just how many different areas I come across during my years here. Through the liberal learning curriculum, I’ve dipped my toes into just about every subject imaginable and my extracurriculars are the exact same way. I’m so grateful for all the exposure I’ve had to different interests during my time here, even if some of them aren’t necessarily my favorite way to spend my time!

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