Friends of Phi Nu Update

If you didn’t catch my other two blog posts about this subject, then I’ll bring you up to speed. My fraternity, Psi Upsilon, has a philanthropy program called “Friends of Phi Nu.” The goal is to mentor students at nearby Hidenwood Elementary School by creating a meaningful, lasting relationship that enables the child to further his or her academic and social goals. I started mentoring last semester and have already shared in an amazing experience.

On a typical day, I go to Hidenwood and work with my student for two or three hours. I’m always surprised at how much the kids make me laugh each time I go. My student is always surprised at how much work we get done! We also play games at recess and I join my student at his table when it’s time for lunch. It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve been in elementary school, but as I sit in the small, plastic chair at the table it all comes back to me. My favorite thing to watch is the camaraderie among all of the students. They tell absurdly funny stories and playfully scheme with one another about how to flirt. I would say I miss those days, but frankly I don’t think my friends and I have changed very much since then!

The mentorship is hands down one of my favorite things I’ve become a part of this year. It’s such an amazing opportunity, not only for me, but also the students. This semester, a lot more brothers are getting involved with the program and I am very excited to see where it leads us. Even those who aren’t in Psi Upsilon can volunteer at Hidenwood through Christopher Newport’s Presidential Leadership Program. There is no shortage of people on our campus who want to get involved.

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