Fraternity Rush Week

This week is fraternity rush week at Christopher Newport, but it’s actually the third week in a row for rushing on campus. Two weeks ago was Panhellenic rush week (the governing body of all sororities on campus), last week was Interfraternity Council (governing body of all fraternities on campus) and Alpha Kappa Psi rush week, which, finally, led us to this rush week for the remaining social, academic and honors fraternities on campus. I rushed Alpha Kappa Psi last week and I am very proud to say that I did receive a bid and am planning to begin the pledge process this Saturday. Though, today I’m focused on my social fraternity, Psi Upsilon.

As the public relations chair of Psi Upsilon, one of my jobs is to make all the rush graphics. So, it’s been fun seeing my work being posted all around campus and on social media. Though, what’s even more fun is all the rush events we’ve had. We started on Sunday with a football viewing party which was a great way to casually meet all of the potential new members and mingle. Next, we hosted a video game night as well as a dodgeball tournament that oddly turned into a basketball tournament. Last night was my second-to-favorite event, every semester we rent out the patio area of the Brickhouse Tavern in Newport News and buy pizza for everyone. I had class pretty soon after we started though, so I only had time for one slice, but there’s always next semester! My favorite event is the formal smoker, which is how we end rush week. We all get dressed up and enjoy cigars together before the brothers convene to vote on who we give bids to.

It’s been a long couple of weeks, so I’m definitely ready to breathe a sigh of relief after we finish our voting session and rush comes to an end. I love seeing the new faces and getting to know all the people who are interested in Psi Upsilon. We’ll see on Friday how it all turns out!

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