Food @ CNU

One concern people might have with attending college at a smaller institution like CNU is that there will be fewer food options. But rest assured, if you have a lactose or glucose intolerance, are vegetarian/vegan, or just simply a picky eater, you will always be able to find something to eat here.

Firstly, there are two dining halls open every day. Each provides lots of new and different options every week, but also have staples you can rely on. For example, Regattas and Commons both always offer made-to-order burgers, grilled cheese, patty melts, paninis, salads and assorted soups. It’s a matter of preference which you like, but they’re both always open so you’re always free to pick! Even outside of the dining halls, there’s four restaurants to dine at in the David Student Union. These include Discovery Grill, Discovery Pizzeria, Discovery Bistro and Chick-fil-A.

I have been vegetarian for over three years and have never had trouble finding delicious and nutritious food at Christopher Newport. Plenty of my friends have lactose and glucose intolerances and I still regularly see them in the dining halls. I recently became vegan and while I do certainly miss dairy, I don’t have much trouble finding substitutes in the dining halls. Healthy Haven (a station in both Regattas and Commons) always has vegan options and I often find myself there when I’m feeling peckish.

When deciding on a college, obviously, food is not the first thing that comes to mind, but it is important. While on campus, you want to make sure you are eating well and feel comfortable. At Christopher Newport, you won’t have any trouble finding a meal and so you can easily focus on your academics.

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