Choosing to (gulp!) Double Major

I’ve definitely tossed and turned at night for a good long while regarding what I should declare as my major. I’ve finally settled on a double major in theater and communication, both of which have incredible programs at Christopher Newport. My communication degree is well underway, but there’s a lot of work to do to ensure I complete the theater major as well in time for a 2021 graduation.

I think the thing I like best about both programs is how varied they are. Communication is, obviously, about interaction, but it can be interpreted through so many different lenses (e.g., audience/speaker, power dynamics, media, intercultural, interpersonal). Similarly, theater isn’t just acting. It’s also about directing, managing, writing, lighting, design, costume, make-up and much more. There’s seemingly infinite possibilities within each major. I would hate to be stuck doing the same thing everyday for the rest of my life. That’s why I chose fields with plenty of versatility. I’m still not sure what I plan on focusing on with my theater major, but I’m leaning toward directing, acting or just general theater studies. I’m glad I have so much room to explore!

I won’t deny that a double major absolutely puts a lot on my plate, but with the right guidance it’s easily achievable. At Christopher Newport, when you sign for your intended major(s), you are assigned a major adviser in addition to the core adviser you’ll have all four years. These people work closely with you during your time at Christopher Newport to ensure your success. Signing day is quickly approaching, and I’m extremely excited to have my advisers assigned so they can help plan a path with me for the next two years. At Christopher Newport, the faculty works with you to help you achieve all of your goals as opposed to choosing between them.

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