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Now, more than ever, is the time for me to get serious about applying for jobs, as it is my last semester. Applying for jobs, especially when you are unsure of where you want to work or what companies you want to work for, is often scary, but that’s OK! Since my freshman year, many of my professors have advised students to visit the Center for Career Planning to aid with career preparation and readiness. The Center for Career Planning, or the CCP, is a free resource open to all students that I highly recommend using at least once a semester, if not more.

The Center for Career Planning aids students in writing a standout resume, choosing a major, beginning a job search and networking with Christopher Newport alumni. Not only does the CCP provide the opportunity to speak with career professionals one-on-one, but they also hold various workshops for all majors, mock interviews and a career fair each semester.

I recently made a private appointment with Libby Westley, the director of the Center for Career Planning, who is very passionate about the power of networking on LinkedIn. As I learned, the Christopher Newport alumni community is highly supportive of helping other Captains land a good career. By connecting with and messaging alumni on LinkedIn, you have a greater opportunity to learn about available careers and a greater opportunity to get hired. Along with career search, Libby also reviewed and suggested edits to my resume that allowed for a better flow of information and a more clear format that is attractive to future employers. Without a doubt, the Center for Career Planning is one of the most helpful resources on campus to better prepare students for their futures that you can’t get anywhere else!

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