The Media Center

Having an on campus job and simultaneously managing your academics is actually very achievable at Christopher Newport. I first started working at the media center in the library second semester freshman year. I applied through a resource online called Handshake, which is run by the Center for Career Planning (CCP) and makes it easy to apply to on-campus jobs. Each week they advertise new positions available to students that range from jobs to internships.

Once I found the job I visited the CCP and they helped me build a professional resume. I submitted the application right away and was exhilarated when I got an email back asking when I would be available for an interview. I informed the CCP of my good news and they helped break my nerves by doing practice interviews and provided feedback as to how I could present myself effectively. By the time I went into the job interview, I was feeling confident and prepared.

My boss is extremely understanding and always allows his students to put academics first. If I have an academic event to attend, and it conflicts with my hours, I am expected to seek another to cover my shift, but if no one is available he is willing to cover the time for me. I have full freedom of making my schedule at the beginning of each semester based on my classes and preferences.

I have to go through some training on equipment pretty frequently and know how to shelve items, but other than that the job really isn’t too demanding. If I don’t have a patron to help I am allowed to do homework at the desk I manage or even listen to music. Not all jobs can allow this on campus, but based on your needs and desires the university will have opportunities that allow you to be successful.

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