Thanksgiving Traditions

My last class before Thanksgiving break was MUSC 100, which is rehearsal time for University Chorale. It was a mostly normal rehearsal. We were getting ready for our Holiday Happening concert, but what happened afterward was really special.

As a few friends and I were walking out of the Pope Chapel, we were talking about our plans for Thanksgiving break, and we were reminiscing about our favorite traditions. One thing that was special about that rehearsal was when our (amazing) choir director, Dr. Irving, asked us to all share our favorite Thanksgiving foods. Some people like the simpler things like apple and pumpkin pie, but then there were some people that talked about really unique foods that their family makes that I have never heard of.

Something funny that happened was about half of the people in the ensemble said that their favorite food at Thanksgiving was their mom’s green bean casserole, so we all had a laugh every time someone mentioned it. My personal favorite food is my homemade cannoli dip, always a crowd pleaser, and it’s easy to make.

My friends and I, right before we parted ways, gave each other hugs and said we would miss one another over the short break. We all became very self-aware of how mushy that moment was and now we joke about it.

Moments like those are really special to me and are reasons why I love being at Christopher Newport University, and that’s why I’m a Captain for life.

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