Prepping for the Future

I think one of the things I appreciate most about Christopher Newport is how there’s a huge emphasis on no student left behind. No matter what academic or extracurricular program/organization you’re a part of, there’s always someone pushing to ensure you are successful. Personally, I genuinely don’t know how I could be as good of a student as I am if I had chosen any other university.

Of course, as a Captain, your biggest cheerleader is your core adviser. This is someone who you’ll meet during your first semester of freshman year and be in contact with for the duration of your stay at Christopher Newport. You’ll definitely see him or her once a semester to register for classes, but you’re free and definitely encouraged to visit more often. They know A LOT about Christopher Newport and your major, so they’re an essential resource to ensuring your graduation.

In the President’s Leadership Program (PLP), every year you are paired with a new adviser who you’ll meet with, similarly, once a semester or more if you choose. PLP is one of our most important programs at Christopher Newport and it involves a lot of work. So, it’s great to have a personal connection with a professional who is actively working with you to make sure you’re on track. There’s similar roles in just about every other organization on campus; there’s always someone to reach out to for help.

There are plenty of centers and offices on campus where you can go for help as well, and they absolutely give amazing advice. Though, at Christopher Newport, an emphasis is placed on the individual. We are a small community, and so we want to ensure that every student has those important one on one interactions that let them know how much they are valued. At Christopher Newport, I never doubt for a second that my attendance is not only acknowledged, but appreciated.

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