My New Position!

I’m very happy to have been elected to be the public relations chair of Psi Upsilon at Christopher Newport. It was a position that had interested since before I was even initiated so I’m very excited to finally have it.

As the public relations chair, it’s my job to run all of our social media accounts, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, I keep all of our alumni up to date with a newsletter that lists all of our accomplishments and initiatives. It’s a formidable undertaking, and I’ve already had to do some work! As soon as I received the role, I started doing some graphic design for a few Instagram posts. Art has never been my strong-suit, but thanks to the previous public relations chair I received a lot of great advice that helped me out.

This is right in my wheelhouse. As a communication major, I love, well, communicating. I’ve only been here for a year and a half, and I can’t attest enough to just how much being at Christopher Newport enhances my education. I’ve received a job as an editor for My Life as a Captain, elected to be public relations chair, and had the chance to attend countless communications workshops and speaker events. At Christopher Newport, it’s so much more than going to class. There’s opportunity around every corner and all of it makes your degree that much more worthwhile. I’m so grateful to be a Captain.

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