Fair Trade Fashion Show

One thing that I enjoy most about having so many types of organizations at Christopher Newport is all of the activities and events that each organization holds. The Alpha Phi chapter at Christopher Newport has an annual macaroni and cheese event, the Zeta Tau Alpha chapter has a yearly male pageant and the Campus Activities Board holds more events than I can count! One of the most recent events that I attended was A Fair Trade Fashion Show hosted by the International Justice Mission. This is my first time attending this yearly show, and, oh boy, have I been missing out!

The purpose of the fashion show is not only to entertain, but to enlighten. The beginning of the event is more of a speaker event, in which two members of the International Justice Mission here on campus speak on the issues of human trafficking. I learned so much about how slavery still exists in many countries around the world, which brands of clothing are ethically made, and what are the requirements for a brand to become fair trade certified. I was also exposed to new ideas on how to decrease my environmental footprint when it comes to buying and disposing of clothing, something important to me.

After the educational portion was the actual fashion show, the highlight of the night. Students representing many organizations on campus walked in the fashion show flaunting their ethically made clothing in many different fashions. They all sure looked fabulous! One of my friends, representing Hypnotic Control, the hip-hop dance group on campus that I am involved in, was walking in the show wearing ethically made pajamas! Also, at the event were several booths of ethically made clothing and accessories created by local companies, as well as fair trade certified hot chocolate! With the large turnout and the smiles on everyone’s face in the audience, I would say that the Fair Trade Fashion Show was a huge hit!

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