Checking out ‘Mr. Burns’

A few weeks ago, the Theater and Dance Department put on its rendition of “Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play.” I’ve always been drawn to theater and I often go to almost all of Christopher Newport’s productions, but this one in particular grabbed my interest. The premise is a world following some sort of huge catastrophe and a group of survivors who begin biding their time reminiscing about old “Simpsons” episodes. Now, if that doesn’t peak your interest, I’m not sure what will.

I texted my friends to gauge their interest. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only were my theater friends intrigued, but my fraternity brothers also wanted to tag along! We decided to make a day of it. We got lunch at Regattas, went shopping downtown in Newport News and then came back to enjoy the play in the evening. The performance was incredibly surreal. Truly, hats off to everyone involved as the staging, acting and design were all superb. As my friends and I departed the theater, we enthusiastically discussed our favorite moments and elements. Simply put, it was a great way to spend a Friday.

I think what impresses me most about that day isn’t even the play itself. It’s more so how, at Christopher Newport, the next good day is always just around the corner. Things always feel to come together so perfectly here, sort of like a well-produced play. I never feel as though I’m bored or have nothing to do. Theater has always been an important outlet of expression for me, and it’s great to still be able to dabble in that world on a regular basis. There’s something for everyone at Christopher Newport. We have things we’re comfortable with, but we also have things that are new and exciting. The weekend is coming up, and I’m so excited to make some brand new memories with my friends on the campus I love so much.

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